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HOLLAAA [21 Mar 2005|06:10pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

WOW!!! I haven't updated in sooo long!! OMG!! hehe, Well things have been good. I just had my sring formal for my sorority Alpha Phi this past Friday! It was off the hook! Me and my sistaaas partied like rockstars!! But other than that, I am still in the studio wrapping up this demo CD!! My website is www.mariannariccio.com!!! Check it out and comment papapaleeease!! luv ya alll! Hollaack

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updating finally [30 Nov 2004|08:23pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

So yeah, considering that i haven't updated in like fo eva, i thought i'd give it a try. but there was a reason why i haven't updated: i actually have been very busy. For some of ya'll who don't know, im in the process of recording a demo CD, so that's taking up a lot of time. And i'm still working at silly cold stones, and i need another job soon, i mean i feel soo old working there now. I mean Pascal's lil bro works there now.

So yeah, Alpha Phi has been goood, but i've had a couple bad times too unfortunately. Let's just say that sometimes the people u trust the most, don't turn out to be all you think they are. And i never realized just how much girls will sometimes choose ur guys before you...(if you want more, info., then call me up...it's too long of a story)

but anyways, i'll stop being sooo drama queen, because it feels like high school all over again, and im over that. becuase i'm really content with my life right now. I survived my first college semester...it's almost over!! and now i have a two month winter break to look forward too, soo i can't wait for that. I can't wait to see my oldie but greatie friends again that i haven't seen in a while and i can't wait to visit my familia on the east coast <3<3<3

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Long time, no update!!! [24 Oct 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Hey guys... As you can tell, I haven't updated in quite some time, but that's only because I have been extremely busy with recording, dancing, school,friends, family, and Alpha Phi!!!!

So yeah, Formal ended up being tons of FUNNNN!!!!!! and there are pictures to prove it on www.californiacandids.net
(Event Photos~CSUN~Alpha Phi~ Fall 2004 Bordeaux Ball) Check them out. Most of my pics are on the last 5 pages.

But besides that, I was initiated into Alpha Phi and got my letters which was very coool indeed!!! I love my big sis Annna, thanks for all your love, support, and my gifts!!!!

And today was Lauren's 19th Birfday, so HAPPPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!<3<3<3

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Woot Woot!!! [07 Oct 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys, I'm writing my lj right now from work. I smell like waffle cones....it's hottt! LOL
Anyway, Ernie is her with me and we're just having sooooo much funnn (Ernie=huggableAsianBEAR)LOL!!!!

SO let's see...what's happened lately. Well, I have a formal date> He's a teke pledge, and he's very niiiice...hehe. Also, I already have a dress to wear> MY WHITE HOMECOMING PRINCESS DRESS that I thot I would never wear again. ButI'm really happy that I get to wear it.

I had lunch with my laureny yesterday...sushi..whatwhat!!! and it's official..her and nate dogg definitely have a beautiful future ahead of them.

"Presents" is this weekend. That's when my parents get to meet all of my Sorority Sistas, and we're gonna sing our pledge class song that I wrote...wootwoot. It should be funn.

If ya'll are wondering about my music, JOJO from KIIS FM asked for my CD at the "Raise your Voice" world movie premeire, which was totally cool!!! So, we'll see what happens:-)

Shoutoutz to Lauren, Sarita, Lorraine, Colleeen, Nicole, Jade, Parisa, Lindsay, Anna, Sheila, my theatre homeees (I luv u guys) and my A Phi sistas and frat. bros...hehe!!!

Love u all<3

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So lil time [25 Sep 2004|10:19am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Hey guys. I'm sooo freakin tired and have been sooo busy. I had dance yesterday, on top of the million and 1 other erunds i had to run.

Kairos #1 at Chaminade left today. It made me think about my own speical Kairos experience.I wish the retreatants the best of luck.

So yeah my college "CSUN!!!" has been transformed into "SKY HIGH: THE HIGH SCHOOL OF THE SUPERHEROES." The movie SKY HIGH is being filmed at my school. When I was walking out of the library today, they were supposedly filming....and um i think i was in it.

Although I'm getting a lot of homework lately and a lot of work hours, on a better note, im sending out my demo!!!!

I just picked up some more copies yesterday, and am in the process of sending it out to whoever i can. I'll let you guys know soon when im performing.

This week is BIG SIS WEEK for Alpha Phi: I wonder who my big sis is, cuz so far i love the presents and I'm amused at the fone calls...hehe!!

Speaking of Alpha Phi, our formal is in two weeks, and I have no date!!
Go me.

More importantly >> Shoutoutz to Lauren,Sarita,Lorraine,Colleen,Jade,Parisa,Lindsay,nicole,and my phi sistas

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College Life, Music Life, etc. [19 Sep 2004|12:22pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

So much has happened in the last few weeeks, that I haven't had time to catch my breath. I'm still dancing, working at CSC calabasas, and trying to promote my demo out there. Although I was totally against sorority life because I really wanted to focus on my career, I'm now actually in one. Who woud've thought? and I LOVE IT!!! The girls are awesome. They're totally by my side. However, I'm still focusing on my demo cd and auditioning and visiting every possible venue i can do. Basically I've been nusy. I miss seeing my loves ~ Lauren, Sarita, Lorraine<2, to name a few, and now its also cool hanging out with my new collge frends. I'm an Alpha Phi at CSUN!!! and I had an interesting night friday night, got really sick if u know what i mean, but my girls were there taking care of me. Anyway, ive learned my lesson and am probably not doing that again. As of now, I really am trying to search for my own independent spirit though. my parents need to understand that I'm in collge and that I need to be my own person for own years (after all most of my frends are away from home). Now, I love my parents sooo much, but I need to be myself. I donno what to do, but i do know that I need to still focus on lfe, while still livig it to the fullest.

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CD conmigo [31 Aug 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

It's done!!! I've finished my first single, and this time I'm actaully really excited and believe that there's hope. I can't wait to figure out how to play it on the computer, so ya'll can tell me what you think. Rock on!!!

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COLLEGE [23 Aug 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

haha, its funny how i started out sooo old last year, and I'm sooo young this year. I mean i worked soo hard to become a senior and now i'm a freshman again....but oh well. Anyway, today was my first day of college at CSUN, and i actaully have a nice picture ID for once, lol...but anyway it was sooo wierd going to COLLEGE today, not school, but COLLEGE. I mean its the first time iv'e ever been to a public school in my life, the first time my class is bigger than 30, and the first time i can wear whatever i want to. I was kinda overwhelmed by the amount of people at college because i mean this is the first itme I don't know everyone's name (lol, coming from chaminade) but it was definitely a cool experience.
~im recordin tomorrow, wish me luck

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[18 Aug 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well, my family is visiting from Philadelphia: My mom's youngest sister(out of 9) and youngest brother and his wife and two children Albe and Kailey, and my grandparents. It has been fun swimming by the pool, laying out in the sun, going to the beach, going sightseeing, and going to six flags with them. Besides that, school starts soon for me on the 23rd at CSUN, and ive been busy with other stuff too: music, work, family, and friends :-)

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[03 Aug 2004|10:31am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Wow, I haven't updated this in like 3 months, well ever since Cancun....but sooo many goood times have happened to me in my life since then. I'm loving my best friends more and more everyday. I'm missing the friends that I may not be seeing for quite some time.I'm even missing the people that have treated me like shit throughout my life, but don't worry, you have only inspired me. However, more importantly, I'm loving my family, especially my parents, for all their endless love and support that I've kinda taken advantage of. Im loving the talents and attributes that I've been blessed with, and I'm finally putting them to a better use now....we'll see. I'm loving my music more and more everyday, and I'm loving life like no other.

In this next chapter of my life, I am going to further discover what life has to offer and live each moment I have to the fullest. However, memories of the past 18 years of my life will never be forgotten and the people i"ve shared it with will remain close to my heart.

Sorry if you think this is cheesy, but it's true.... I truly mean that too. Thanks ya'll <3<3

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C*A*N*C*U*N* [17 Jun 2004|10:17am]
[ mood | very HAPPY, but sick ]

Puessssssssssssssssssss, (well) let's see (Do you see what I see) how I describe CANCUN MeHico.....Wow wow wow, Amazingly Amazing. Crazily Crazy, Beautifully Beautiful!!!! It was Awesomely Awesome!!!!!!!! I had th time of my life, and experienced a couple of new things...shhhhhh. Let's see, the plane ride on MeHicana (tehe) airlines was even funnn, even though we took a red eye and were exhausted...we still managed to get our margarita right when we got to the hotel, just like we said we would do. This trip was like Camp, but at a very different perspective... i mean high schools that graduated across the world and all over the USA were there, and every single person staying at the hotels and especially at my beautiful Casa Magna Marriott were drunk 24-7. The ocean water was gorgeous. Lauren, Lorraine, and I would just stand in awe at the aqua, cystal clear ocean, and white sand beaches...It was gorgeous!!!!!!!! Xel-Ha (this snorkelling, cliff jumping, tube rafting down the ocean river, and dolphin swimming experience was absolutely beautiful1!!! I really would recommend it!!!!! Then we also saw the archaelogical sights of Telum which is on top of a cliff overlooking once again the beautiful ocean.

Although we only got 3 days of sun, the hurricane there were an experience too...i wish i could've got more sunn while i was there, but it was hard in the massive rain and wind. However, me and the girls still managed to have the best time ever!!!! Lorraine claimed the bed the first night with her wastedness expererience (luv ya girl)and Mariela became our maid pen pal...lol. We went to a club every single night, even the last night when we were all reallllly sick!!! We went to Senor Frogs(The Yard Stick!!!!) The City(5 story club...biggest one in Cancun...with fire dancers and break dancers...and where lorriane met craig, and lauren met mauricio)then Coco Bongo (my favorite club, it was like a las vegas show with madonna, michael jackson, queen, elvis, salsa dancers and many other impersoantors, along with the amazing music and dancing on top of bars!!!!!) Coco Bongo is also where I met him...the tallest and very hotttttttt guy at the club....he was my abercrombie cowboy for the trip and hopefully we'll see each other again. I miss him. Yeah Atlanta guys are verrry cuuute!!!) But anyway, let's seee where else....La Boom(where I can boom with you) me and lauren and lorraine dancing in the telephone booth and bar again...Margaritaville> home of the best margarhitas....DadyO and Dadyrock (with all the Spanish trance music) Fat Tuesdays, and Bull Dogs....where me and him had fun again....I had the time of my life there ...let's see girls what did u make me have...Long Islands, white russians, tequilla, margarhitas, mango and strawberry daquirris, green apple martinis, blue lagoons,Pina Coladas, and CORONA!!!, and more!!!!...So even though we went to a club and travelled in ponchos, we still managed to have the best time ever, now i just need to recover from the flu!!!!! (lol)shoutoutz to lorraine's dad "Mas Tequilla" u were awesome lol....I loved this trip and im definitely going back for spring break next year...who's coming????????? Lorraine and Lauren, this trip was amazing, luv you soooo much

Sarita, I missed u soo much girl, i wish u could have been there, it wasnt the same without you, I luv u!!!!...
collleeen///i misss you tooo babe.....calll me please, i wanna see you before you leave, luv ya

Happy Birthday Shawnanananaana!!!! luv ya

Happy birthday Brittanie!!!!!!!

P.S VERY GOOD PICS ON LORRAINE'S LJ (youngand_inlove) 6 out of the 200 that we took, and they're vedy cuuuuuute...take a look

Adios Amigos!!!! viva la mexico

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[04 Jun 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

A lot of things have happened lately....The graduation parties!!, work, finals, and last night GRAD NITE...which waqs sooo much funnn!!!!!! I hung out with Colleen, Kim, Liz, Rachel, and Yury. Then we randomly saw other Nade senior peeps everywhere that we would hang out with too. But anyways, the music was bouncin throughout the park..and even some David Bisbal....lol. The when I went to get ice cream at 4:30 am, I ran into Lorraine, Lauren, and Nathan~~ Good Times Class of 2004!!!!!

Tonight is the Senior Graduation Mass, and tomorrow at 9am, I finally graduate high school!!!!!! If you want to come to my brunch tomorrow, just give me a call on the cellie

But in the mean time Congratulation Class of 2004!!!!!!!

P.S. CANCUN!!!!!!! in 3 days

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4 more days of High School ever!!!! [23 May 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Last Thursday was Parent's Day Mass. My mom and dad attended, and I sang Ave Maria which I used to audition for the music department at CSUN as an incoming freshman. I really enjoyed going out to lunch with my family at Sagebrush Cantina after the mass.

Friday was definitely tiite. I had Eaglemania at school, and I cheered at my last rally ever. The rally went really well though so I was very happy. Then Hadi and Taylor asked me to sing the star spangled banner for the Chaminade Playoff baseball game, and I did, and WE WON too!!!! I spent the day with Nicole and Ashley afterwards. We went to dinner and saw Shrek 2 which was SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!! I wanna see it again. Then, me and the girls got ready to go to the Chaminade party at Will's which was totally FUNNN!!!! Then Saturday came and there was SEnior Breakfast.Mr. Suppan was really funny and I loved the flowers and my mug. Colleen and I stopped at Lauren's casa afteras a surprise and Sarita was there too, and I love her hair. At night, there was another party at Colleens!!! Nathan and Lauren and Brandon came with me and slept over after. We watched father of the Bride part II, which is a classic funny movie. And we ate my mommy's french toast the next morning...YUMMMM!!!!

So tomorrows Senior Ditch Day and I guess I'll go to the beach, but i have to read a book and do projects too....FUNNN

But its okay, cuz school is coming to a close, graduation is approaching, and Cancun is coming!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv u all!!! <3<3<3

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SENIOR PROM!!!!!!! [16 May 2004|08:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So yeah, this weekend has been quite interesting...first of all, Friday night was the BIG NIIIITE!!!! I didnt go to school because i wanted to sleep in, but i couldnt sleep because i was too anxious for Prom. Anyway, I was last minute as usual!!!! Let's just say that it was a very hectic day, but i loved my makeup, hair, and dress, so that made me a lil bit happier!!! anyway, at Prom, i swing danced with kevin and salsa danced too. I had funn with my colleeny who looked very hott!!!! luv ya and shawnanana tooo who looked beautiful..luv ya. To all my other awesome frends, i had sooo much funn with you guys. Nick won Prom King and Ashley won Prom queen and she looked sooo lovely <3<3

After Prom was Post Prom, and that was chil, except i can't find my sandals and my 2 cameras!!!! i neeed them!!!! But anyways,after Post Prom were the afterparties...wootwoot. And it felt very weird being the only person good as usual, but after about 15 minutes, i had funn, but not tooooo funn....riiiiite>hehe.
So anyways, i came home the next morning or i mean the next day...and told my mom everything...she laughed!!!

I'm still soo tired though. I had work last nite with Greg and Jacob!!!! which was cool, but not the day after the Prom...lol
Today, i went bathing suit shopping and but a really cute bikini and yeah i have 2 weeks to lose weight. good luck

Cancun is coming, graduation is coming, more parties are coming, grad nite is coming, finals are coming, and the last 9 days of school are already here!!!!

Luv you all <3<3<3

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I have a date!!!! [06 May 2004|06:25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I have a date to Prom!!!! Don't ask how it happened...really random. Well, considering my bid is due tomorrow, I had to ask someone to Prom that doesnt WORK AT CHAMINADE....lol. I went to work to ask NICOLE<3 what I should do. She said well ask kevin for advice. Kevin, I don't know why i never thought of him as a backup anyway. I mean we're like really good frends!!!! WTF. But anyway, while i was asking him for advice he gave it to me, but kinda hinted that he would want to go to Prom to me. So I went to get a daisy outside and asked him to Prom in front of the Cold Stone's customers..."awwwwwwwwwwwwe"

Anyway, so even though i asked him for advice, I am now randomy going with him to PROM!!!! Im soo excited!! I hope itll be funnn!!! We'lll PIMP it out....

ohh, and I'm soo happy that Shawna can come....YAAAAAY!!!! Goooood STFFFF!!!!

so i graduate in less than a month and im going to cancun!!! Everything is very pleasant right now...and i love you all!!!!!!

Thanks to those who cheer me up everyday...u know who you are <3<3<3<3<3

P.S. Last "Friends" episode tonite....did i mention that's been my favorite show for the past ten years....yeah, bring on the tissues

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HUG ME [05 May 2004|07:37pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Well, let's see. My prospected prom date isn't legally allowed to go to Prom to me. Chaminade sux in that respect!!!!!!!!

and I need a date in two days.

Good luck to me

The End

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Chillaxin weekend [25 Apr 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | Chillen ]

This was definitely a chill weekend.

I FINALLY had the dance concert at my school on Friday where I did pointe and modern jazz, and it went really well!!!! Then, Lauren came over and we headed to her house. Brandon and her bf nathan came over. We chilled, ate fruit tart for her dad's birthday. I had a slither, and Lauren had a PIECE!!!! lol!! but then I fell asleep.

Saturday, I went rock climbing with Nate Dogg and Lauren. It was sooo AWESOME!!! I love working out in NATURE!!! totally chill. I can't wait to do it again for surre!!!

Then, the lovely Sarita came over to L's and we went to Jacob's bday partay, which was on 4/20...lol
My grrrls were there ofcourse <3<3<3 Lorraine, Shawna, Negin. Shea, KC, and Marc showed up too. But then, we went to Tubors house, which is always chillaxable...hehe. His house is soo tiite.

Today, on this beautiful sunny day, I went to the beach with my mommy. It was soooo gorgeous!!!! I got a little tan too, which is always niice. Then, my mom and I went to Malibu yogurt....yummmm!!!

After, I went to my friend Aaron's house. We've known each other since we were babies. His parents made a delicious babecue!!! FOOD IS GOOD!!!! So that was chill too.

So that's my weekend. This week...let's see, well my parnets are going to palm springs....winkwink. Ohh, and I have to finish my demo CD, And I want to go to a club, anyone wanna come along??? Bye ya'll....luv ya!!!!!!

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18 baby!!!!!! [08 Apr 2004|11:51pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


Happy birthday to me!!!! I got calls from soo many of my frends today...thanks guys!!! and Lauren, the Spanish message is UNFORGETTABLE!!! lol!!

Hey shorty, it's my birthday, we're gonna party cuz it's my birthday, we gonna sip some JUICE!!! cuz it's my birthday, and we DO give a F*** cuz it's my birthday!!! wootwoot

Well, today was a pleasant day. I got LAID!!! at school today by jade!!!! yesh!!!! lolol...and i got balloons by colleeen "over the hill!!!!" is where it's at. hehe

Then I went out to dinner with my parents at "Madres" ~ J LO's restaurant..hehe, and that was sooo yummy..i'm still full!!!! IT was such a nice restaurant though!! I loved it!! and there was a MARIACHI BAND!!!!!! which ofcourse makes it better!!!

After I came back, lauren, sarita, lorraine, shawna (thanx for the cake!!!), kassidy, colby, nathan, and ofcourse brandon came over and we made JUICE!!!! on my birthday freshly squeezed...and it was very tasty!!!! Yaaa know!!!

On Saturdya, my beautiful friends surprised me with an outing at Universal Citywalk. Lauren, Sarita, Mallory, Shawna, Brandon, and Nathan were all there to help me celebrate at Buca di Peppo. The food was yummy, but not as yummy as the dessert!!! SPAMONI!!!! was sooo good, and hey, I've never had a whole half of a restaurant sing "Happy Birthday" to me, so that was cool. Sarita, thanks you for the body cream, It smells sooo niice. And Shawna and Mallory, thanks for the balloons!!! (they're still up :-)

P.S. Lorraine, I hope you had an awesome trip with Mike and su familia in Sacramento


18 has beeen a great age soo far..hehe


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I love my friends [04 Apr 2004|10:44am]
[ mood | thankful ]

~ Hey guys....i know, i havent updated in a while, but i'm still reading your LJs, except i my messed up computer won't let me post...geeeeez

Lorraine, i hope you feeling better babe <3<3

I want to thank all my freinds who came to the talent show to support me, your presence meant a lot to me, and I'm sorry you had to sit through it all..truly i am...but i still thank you for coming....you guys are awesome friends...Lauren, Sara,(Melissa too :-) Ann, Shelly Colleen, Lis, Kim, and Yury. And despite technical difficulties, i thought my song went pretty well... thanks for the cheers!!! ohh, and i really liked all the bands this year too. Good job guys!!!

contdown to the big "18!!!!" = 4 days

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Tiring weekend [16 Mar 2004|06:01pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well considering that Monday night was the first time i slept in 64 hours, I'm doing ok. It's not like I was partying either...it was cheer and work. P.S. I have been reading all of your ljs...and im sorry i cant post on them. I miss spending more time with the girls... Lorraine, I hope your feeling better <3<3

Thursday, I had an AWESOME night working out with Lauren and Shawna at LA Fitness with that HOTTTT kickboxing teacher...man what a great class. It's sooo different then ballet and jazzz...lol. Then we got a FREEE MASSEGE....how awesome is that...and ended the night with a refreshing Jamba Juice...isnt that just "ideal?" Well we thought so.

Friday was chill. I went to sushi with miss lauren and jason and matt. We had such a nice lunch and THEN, a case involving taking board shorts at the mall occurred ... RANDOM. Then, after trying to wait for matt, the three of us headed off to the beach, but with Miss Sarita toooo xoxoxo. At the beach i met up with Nicole and Ashley. It was cool, literally, and we weren't really there for that long. I'd have to say that everyone had more funn in my car than they did at the beach....winkwink...hehe. I ended the night with a NEVERENDING 5 hour line at cold stones.

After, my early morning practice for cheer, I spent the day in Santa Monica for Nicole's birthday. The singing Yoda singing "Oops I did it again" was definitely funny...hehe. Anyway, Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

Sunday morning I had to wake up at 4 am!!!! for a cheer competition. We did very well though. All of the hard work paid off!!!! Luv you all!!!! My daddy went with me which was definitely chill and the whole team went on Jurassic Park after which was definitely fun...right colleen?? hehe

Since then, I've had homework fashion show practice, yogilates, dance classes, and yes...more cheer.

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